Service Guide

What Service guide you can expect from us?

Our agents will assist you in choosing the right insurance plan and explain everything that you need to know.

Assist you in choosing the right insurance plan

  • Go through the Customer Fact Find form with you to understand your insurance needs and financial goals.
  • Recommend suitable insurance plan(s) after assessing your needs.

Explain product features

  • Explain product features, benefits payable, exclusions, premiums and charges.
  • Provide Product Disclosure Sheet to assist you in making informed decision

On top of helping you with the policy application, our sales representatives will ensure that you understand your policy’s terms and conditions.

Assist you with the policy application

  • Explain the importance of answering the questions in the proposal form fully and accurately.
  • Submit your application for underwriting after you have signed the proposal form.
  • Arrange for medical examination with one of our panel clinics, if required.
  • Provide information on making a nomination to ensure policy moneys are received by your beneficiaries in the event of death.

Explain product features

  • Your policy document will be delivered to you (by hand, via post or electronically) within 21 days.
  • Go through the policy terms and conditions with you to ensure that this is the right plan that you have purchased.

From policy modifications and renewals to making a claim, our agents will be there to guide you through all necessary processes.

Continuous policy servicing

  • Assist in renewal of policy.
  • Provide continuous service e.g. policy modifications, change of address and frequency of premium payments. Should your agent leave the Company, we will appoint a new agent to service you.

Assist you in making a claim

  • Guide you through the standard procedures on how to file an insurance claim.

Check our agents registration status via online

  • Visit the Know Your Agent webpage on the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) website at

  • Key in the agent’s MyKad, Old IC or LIAM No. and click ‘Search’.
  • If the agent is registered, his/her authorisation information will appear in the search results.